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Truffles are traditionally in a round, rolled shape, and bonbons in the colourful multi-shapes, but all are filled with ganache - a cream and chocolate filling - made by us.

Vegan options will have a V

The Traditionals

Blackbird - Raspberry puree rolled in dark chocolate snowballs


Bubbly - Champagne popping through milk chocolate & covered in powdered sugar

Dark Knight.png

Dark Knight - Dark chocolate inside and out


Fleur De Lys - Dark chocolate with French Brandy, dusted with Napolean's 24k gold

Great Dane.png

Great Dane - Cheeky and bold Danish cherry wine with dark chocolate


Island Girl - Coconut rum and relaxing milk chocolate

Milky Way.png

Milky Way - Pure milk chocolate inside and out

Monte Cristo.png

Monte Cristo - Dark chocolate trapping Grand Marnier with powder of cocoa

Nutty Irishman.png

Nutty Irishman - Bailey's & Frangelico dancing with milk chocolate enrobed in hazelnuts

Star Dust.png

Star Dust - Caramel and milk chocolate dusted with Himalayan sea salt flakes


Noggin' - Festive eggnog filling inside white chocolate *seasonal only*

The New Blood


Antoinette - Decadent hazelnut cream filling a royal milk chocolate shell

Blue Blood.png

Blue Blood - Sea salt in a sea of dark chocolate covered in a dark chocolate layer

Mr. Tumnus.png
Del Toro.png

Del Toro - A spicy bite of chilli with smooth dark chocolate


Gandhi - Pure caramel in a dark chocolate shell with a peak of Himalayan sea salt

Jack Sparrow - White chocolate and rum swirling drunkenly inside a dark chocolate skull (colours vary by season)


Karma - Cosmic Jasmine combined with mystical milk chocolate

Lang Syne_2.png

Lang Syne - Orange brightening up pure dark chocolate


Laurier - Canadian strawberry fortified with white chocolate

Lost Alice - Cherry puree falling through a world of dark chocolate


Maharaja - A royal combination of pistachio with white inside and dark outside

Marcel - Milk chocolate cups filled with organic smooth peanut butter


Mimosa - Champagne paired with fresh orange juice and white chocolate

Sunset Blvd.png
Union Jack.png

Tom & Jerry - Solid dark chocolate   V  

and solid milk chocolate (respectively)

Mr. Tumnus - Dark chocolate cups filled with smooth organic peanut butter   V

Nirvana - Hibiscus tea set in a tranquil milk chocolate Buddha head **

Polaris - A sky of dark chocolate with the lightness of ice wine filtering in

Pride - Bold Passionfruit complimented by smooth white chocolate

Princess Sophie - Almond butter combined with pure white chocolate

Purple Rain - Lavender infused cream with milk chocolate

Simryn - Dark chocolate cradling hazelnut creme with a white chocolate top

Singh - Milk chocolate sweetened by fresh and ripe mango

Sunset Boulevard - White chocolate chasing the fresh taste of lemon zest and juice

True North - A dollop (or two) of maple whisky with each bite of this dark chocolate

Union Jack - Honey and vanilla folded into rich milk chocolate

Valhalla - Dark chocolate and peppermint mixed for perfect fresh delight

**Please keep in mind our origins lie with Buddhist Indians which allow the depiction of the Buddha which may not be true for other adherents of Buddhism

Ice Creams & Gelato

Ice Cream

Roasted Marshmallow

Cookies N' Cream

Maple Walnut




Salted Caramel

Coffee Toffee

Rocky Road(Millwood&Hampton only)

Mint Chocolate Chip(Millwood only)

Chocolate Chip (Millwood only)


Dark Chocolate V

Mixed Berries V

Strawberry V

Mango V

Orange V

Piña Colada V

Lemon V



Mint Chocolate



Vanilla Bean


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