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Proudly Canadian

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Available in a variety of different sizes, our truffles and bonbons all have real ingredients, including fresh fruit, nuts and liqueurs.

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Mum & I

My mother started making chocolate thirty years ago in the traditional Belgian style. Learning to hand-roll truffles, she then started implementing North American techniques, and added various bonbon shapes with beautiful edible colours.

Being from East India originally, she started evolving the shapes and flavours to match the diversity of life and cultures she has experienced. 

I joined as free labour on the tech side and busy holiday seasons. After watching her for years as a child making truffles in our original Danforth-Riverdale location next to the Music Hall, the shops feel more like home than our actual one.

Avoca is Gaelic (for half of my ancestry) meaning 'Sweet Valley,' or a place to feed the local community. 

We started making our own ice cream and gelato in store along with our chocolate soon after, making sure to have vegan and dairy free options. 

Having grown up in her family's long-standing Indian restaurant (Sher-E-Punjab, still family owned after 50yrs!) as a child, she always insists the customer is the priority, and that means providing the highest quality ingredients, handmade daily and with the same love and care we would make for our own family.

We thank you for your patronage and support.

"A smile, some kindness, and a lot of empathy, is what being canadian is all about."
"The customer is always always right."

- My Mum

our Product

Fair Trade, Kosher and Organic, we use only Belgian Callebaut, widely accepted as one of the best chocolate in the world. Importing it, we melt it down (called tempering) to be more malleable before using it to create shapes or combining it with cream and flavours as necessary for truffle fillings.

In our gelatos and ice creams, everything is eggless with either water bases or Canadian whole milk, combined with whatever  natural ingredients are called for in the flavour. 

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